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Our technology helps Your business grow

Because you know what your market wants you can offer it in different formats and business models.
Your business strategy together withour elastic solutions and technologies let youscale up your business and efforts.
Technology is a wind to the sails of Your company ship on waves of market.

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We offerelastic web technology stack which is next and superior generation of extensible web technology stack.pREST solution stack is a set of software subsystems or components needed to deliver a fully functional web solution, e.g. a product or service. Elasticity allows not only extend but also shrink in time according Your business requirements.Elasticity is in harmony withcloud computing and all its types –IaaSPaaSSaaS

Maybe you can expand the services you currently offer by electronic channels instead of employees or contractors to do the same. In other words, you build on the brand you’ve built to scale up your operations. And/or you leverage your time more and more by offering low-ticket items, which are a stepping stone to your high-ticket services.

pREST cloud computing


pREST web
JavaMVC web framework designed for responsive and high performance web applications,RIA, web services and data/application integration development byREST architectural style.
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pREST cluster
Javascript library, it offers versatile widgets, forms, intensive development tools and also base, for building responsiveAJAX web applications without any restrictions.
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Lightweight PHP web framework designed forRAD of small web applications, landing pages,RIA,REST web services byREST architectural style.
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Document Data Extractor is a new progressive tool for automated data extraction of valuable data from various document classes: invoices, bills, contracts, payslips ...
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Identity management and "Single Sign On" solution for portal web applications.
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New, effective and futuristic approach to publishing, searching, and sharing of informations.
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