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New, effective and futuristic approach to informations publishing, searching, and sharing.
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Why inflet?

In the flood of information on the Internet or in your company there are problemstoeffectively distribute and retrieve informations that arerelevant, up to date, trustworthy, geographically close and reasonably priced there. Informations exchange is however not always efficiently possible, even in enterprise environment.

These problems were inspiration forinflet application implementation as anintuitive information distribution environment, to allow not only publish and search relevant informations but comment and rate them also.

inflet application can be used as:


  1. Fulltext, price, date and geo location search
  2. Map search
  3. Tagging
  4. Structured text (plain text, no html)
  5. Automatic inflet expiration
  6. Image attachments
  7. Integrated Google maps
  8. Comments and rating
  9. RSS channel, also with custom filter options
  10. Share by Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, mail, ...
  11. Build in QR codes

Screenshots – desktop

search page

search page, more options

single column layout

search map

search map, more options

publish page

Screenshots – mobile and tablet

Responsive application web design is responsible for dynamic page layout on small mobile displays too. It is not necessary to implement different application layout for different mobile devices or tablets.

search page, mobile

search page, tablet

Meaning ofinflet

Infletinformation leaflet, is a chunk of information meant to provide efficient information exchange. It has a specific data structure for rapid information retrieval and ordering by relevance and additional criteria (location, date, price).

Inflet attributes are:

Short, concise inflet characterization. (required)
Structured text of the inflet, providing efficient way of information input and structuring, presentation in various formats and fulltext search. (required)
Key words that characterize and categorize the inflet. Separated by commas. (required)
Image attachments.
Unit price of the service, goods or information represented by inflet.
Geographic location relevant to the published information – latitude, longitude and map zoom.
Date and time
Date and time of the event described in the inflet. Not the time of inflet publication.
(Nick)name of the inflet author. (required)
E-mail address of the inflet author. Kept hidden for security reasons. (required)


Theinflet application is build on thepREST web framework, which is the core component of the solution. The technology allow us to fulfill production web applications demanding requirements such as:

In case of any questions or your interest inpREST web framework or web solutions based on the platform do not hesitate to send mail