pRESTPeter Rybár, Elastic Solutions & Technologies

pREST cluster

pREST cluster is toolkit for reliable broadcast/multicast/unicast communication and service layer written in the Java. It can be used to create cluster of servers or processes whose members can send messages to each other. Enables developers to create reliable multipoint (multicast) applications where reliability is a deployment issue. Saves significant development time and allows for the application to be deployed in different environments without having to change code.


pREST cluster provides higher-level abstractions such as


  1. Cluster creation and deletion
  2. Cluster members can be spread across LANs or WANs
  3. Joining and leaving of cluster
  4. Membership detection and notification about joined/left/crashed members
  5. Detection and removal of crashed members
  6. Sending and receiving of member-to-cluster messages (point-to-multipoint)
  7. Sending and receiving of member-to-member messages (point-to-point)