pREST server

pREST server is a java servlet container REST MVC web framework for simple development of RIA and REST web applications and services.


  1. Modularity - modular framework architecture
  2. Extensibility - easy to extend and integrate by any other technologies
  3. Departed development of application logic, presentation and data layer
  4. Horizontal application development - developer does not need to be skilled in all technologies through the application
  5. Minimal time to learn and shallow learning curve
  6. Development of RIA web applications and REST services the same way
  7. Minimal other technology dependencies and their loose coupling - easy to maintain for a long time
  8. Platform independency - Java 5 or higher




Peter Rybar ( - project leader, architect, developer
Daniel Buchta ( - main developer for server side project components
Jozef Sivek ( - main developer for client side project components and design